Cotswold Vale Alpacas
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About Us
We have a dream.
 Cotswold Vale Alpacas was born from this dream.

We dreamt of leaving the hard and fast life of the rat race to run our own little smallholding, having worked hard from leaving school at the age of 16 we wanted to slow down a bit, enjoy the countryside and build our own home.

With our children now grown up and moving on with their lives we felt now was as good a time as any, so we took the decision to focus on our future. Tony is a self-employed bricklayer and I was a finance/office manager. It has always been our dream to build our own house and combine it with our love of animals.

We had been looking for quite a few years for a way to fulfil our dreams of having our very own smallholding, with lots of disappointments we finally made the enormous decision to sell our beautiful four bedroom home and a large housing estate (lots of people thought we had gone mad!!) but we felt by releasing the money in our house we would be in a better position to move on with our dream.

Its wasn't all plain sailing BUT Totally by accident we came across Alpacas - we were smitten and they have allowed us to follow our dreams. :-)

Click here to find out how we followed our dreams.

The breeding policy of the Cotswold Vale Alpaca herd is:

  • To improve the quality of animals born and the quality of the fleece while ensuring that only the best quality males are retained as potential stud animals.
  • To ensure that the stocks from this herd are healthy and retain the finest characteristics of the animal.
  • We are committed to the long-term development of the UK alpaca industry and promoting the ever-increasing quality in both the fleece and the animals throughout the country.
We breed our Alpacas solely for their fleece.   
Alpacas are the ideal animals for those wishing to start a small enterprise on a limited acreage both for profit and pleasure.  Absolutley lovely to be around and easy to look after. 
What more could you want?  An animal easy to look after, lovely to be around and the potential to make a excellent proft.

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