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Own an Alpaca

Q. Would you like to own and get to know these adorable animals?

Q. Would you like to join the ever-growing group of people owning and breeding Alpaca’s for both pleasure and financial benefits?

Q. Do you lack facilities or the knowledge to look after them yourself?

Q.    Do you have the land, wish to start you own business, but need time to get your facilities ready?

A. Well we could have the answer for you?  - AGISTMENT

If you do not have the facilities or knowledge to look after the Alpaca yourself, are just starting out and need to get your facilities ready, or if you just wish to own only one Alpaca (Alpaca should never be kept on their own, they need company of their own kind) we can offer you the opportunity to have the benefits and enjoyments of owning an Alpaca, while we keep the Alpaca within our herd and do all the day-to-day management of them.  

This is called Agistment.

The benefits of owning an Alpaca can be both financially and enjoyably rewarding.

v          We can guide and help you with the purchase of a female Alpaca(s)

v          We can keep your Alpaca with our own our herd and looked after them as one of our own.

v          We will carry out all husbandry tasks: including mating and birthing,

Once your Alpaca gives birth you then have several options.

v      Sell the Cria once weaned.

v      Keep the Cria and sell the Adult female.


v      You can keep both which will enable you to build up your own herd.

v      Or we can just keep your Alpaca’s with us until you are all ready on your own land.

For this facility, we would charge a livery fee and any additional cost, e.g. vets fees, insurance.

As our client, we would be happy for you to visit your Alpaca and Cria at any time (with prior arrangement) and you can have as much or as little input as you would.

This is what we can do to help you:

       We can supply or source the pregnant female Alpaca on your behalf.

       Arrange insurance.

       Help you join BAS – the “British Alpaca Society”.

       Look after the birth of the Cria.

       Mate her when the time comes – Again we can help source the most suitable Stud Male.

       We can help you with your options once the Cria is weaned.

1.           Sell the Cria when weaned.

2.           Keep the Cria and Sell the Adult Female

3.           Keep both and build up your herd

4.           Or Sell both.

We can arrange a package, which will suit you and your situation.  


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